Guide to Whitetail Deer Hunting

October 11th, 2010

Whitetail deer hunting is popular in america. For a beginners whitetail deer hutning can be a difficult thing so we are giving a few tips and tricks about whitetail deer hunting in order to start with decent results.

We recommend to check the hunting equipment before going into the stand, not later when a buck will walk out. Please check your scope is clear, the shells in a chamber or using a bow then check your bow will draw back properly. There are many things to be considered before going for hunting so we advise you to prepare well ahead.

If you are planning for whitetail deer hunting in a food plot or a large field, late hours of the day is recommended. The whitetail deer usually prefers using the easiest routes possible. Whitetail deer like heavy cover, it is advisable to try and clear a path through cover these animals might be using. If using deer calls then it is advisable to use it after you see a deer that you are not willing to shoot. Once you have done so, you will notice that it doesn’t scare them and you will observe their reactions. Be sure to use the most suitable calls, otherwise the whitetail deer will get suspicious.

Whitetail deer hunting experience is a crucial, by going out in the wilderness you will learn about their feeding habits and other characteristics that you can use in advantage. We strongly suggest to follow our advice and when you have possibility to hunt, don’t hesitate, practice makes perfect and this is also applicable for white tail deer hunting. When you are going to hunt in a new region, it is advisable to hunt at a new stand each day for a short period of time as this is the most efficient way to learn about whitetail deer movement routes. After shoot the deer it is advisable to stand back and give time to take its last breath, if you shot it during the late hours of the day it is recommended to wait overnight.

If you planning for a bow hunting, we recommend it from a tree stand because it is more efficient then hunting from ground level. Another thing is use only one pin because it will be easier to aim high or low on whitetail deer.

We hope that our guidance will be helpful on your first attempts on whitetail deer hunting and you will get a decent results. Do more practice when you have a chance. victoryag casinos

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